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Loft conversions are becoming more and more popular and are sometimes a more cost-effective option than extending out. If it’s a bigger kitchen you need then obviously a loft extension isn’t the answer. However, bedrooms, studies, bathrooms and playrooms work beautifully in loft conversions. There are many different kinds of loft conversions which can be utilised on their own or combined to suit you or the client’s needs, the types are:

Lofts are often the biggest untapped space in a family home, and converting it into a living space can provide you with a new bedroom, bathroom or home office. Loft conversions are great for urban areas where ground space is in short supply and by building up, you don’t lose your garden space. Not only this but financially loft conversions are often more economical than an extension, quicker to complete and ultimately will increase the value of your home.

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Garage Conversions

Would you like more space in your current home? Do you have a garage you just use for depositing items you don’t need? Then you should know that the garage is an empty and useless space because it has no particular use. How about if you can use the space in your garage to transform it into a beautiful extra room in your residence? Yes, such things are possible. The garage is already an extension of your house, being connected to it through a common wall. If it already has an access door on the inside, it is even better. Although, if it doesn’t, there is no need to panic, since a door can be added at any time. So, are you ready to upgrade your house? Then take a project as the best solution to fully utilize all the space given around your house, without having to build an actual extension

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PJF Joiners Customer Testimonials

Excellent job by Paul and his team, we now have the dinning room we always wanted, without having to move by just converting our unused garage. He believes in doing a job well and his workmanship certainly lives up to that statement. Highly recommended. 23 Aug 2016

The Anderson family, Blackburn



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